The Symbiote was designed from the ground up to be a fast freeride/DH (or Slalom on narrow hangers) platform instead of a proprietary truck.  Options and compatibility were and are the goal, part interchangeability and opening options not only from us, but from other manufactures.  The bases and hangars are precision machined from 6061 Aluminum and feature machined steel kingpins, axles, and spacers.  The base utilizes standard height bushings and a Caliber 2 sized pivot cup and comes loaded with a Riptide WFB 96A Pivot Bushing.   The Symbiote bases and hangars are compatible with most cast truck parts (ie: paris/caliber/gullwing/randal) so you have the maximum number of options for swapping around for widths and base angles.  Our hangars feature 20mm of width adjustment for each hangar size, making width changes from 110mm to 173mm possible with Symbiote hangers, and even wider with other cast hangers. Kingpin bushings NOT included. The bushing seat is open on the road side, and features a stepped seat on the board side that helps add a little resistance to the bushing and pushes it back towards its center position.  Our bases are height matched, so you can run our 50° base and our 30°/20° base without a funky riser combo.  


3.5MM Rake

Standard height bushings

Kingpin bushings NOT included



Bases and Hangers are available separately so you can upgrade your cast setup with matched height Symbiote bases and run low degree split in the back.


PLEASE NOTE: We can't guarantee that our bases match the ride height of cast bases, so if you are upgrading bases only and keeping your cast hangars, we would certainly recommend getting a pair of Symbiote bases in your desired angles.

Complete Pair

Hanger Width
Base Plate Options