The nGage box is a hybrid box.  It allows the use of a Fusion router jig, and original FCS two tab fins or ProBox fins.  BUT it also gives the option for Fin designers to create a fin with a much stronger and simple base. 


The box has been redesigned to allow for 3/8" fore/aft adjustment, along with marks to aid in fin placement.


We custom 3D print all of our boxes in house and they are made from recycled and/or reclaimed PET plastic.  They are installed Pre-Lam and are very strong.  Our boxes also have positive buoyancy (meaning THEY FLOAT).  We have now added vertical channels in addition to horizontal to every box we offer.  This allows resin to create a physical bond between the core and the box, keeping it from spinning or moving.


Standard Cant angles are 0, 4.5, and 9 degree, but we can make our boxes with up to 22 degrees to suit Bonzers, or anything in between upon request. Twin, Twinzer, Quad, Thruster, and 5fin Bonzer setups are all possible and more.


FCS Fin Compatible 

ProBox Fin Compatible

FCS router jig compatible 

Fine-tune your setup with 3/8" fin adjustment fore/aft

Pre-Lamination Install

Price is per pair


**Note for installation:  Route deep enough to avoid removing material from the top of the box the cap with resin/cloth.  These are extremely strong when installed correctly.


They are recyclable and come from recycled materials.



Fin Set Up